Spicy olive oil has a high acidity level


The acidity level of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil can never be detected by anyone in the world, no matter how educated he may be. The acidity level is only found as a result analysis in the lab.

The spicy feeling that we detect in the upper part of the throat when we consume 5ml of raw olive oil (not dipped in bread!) is caused by a polyphenol called Oleocanthal. The oleocanthal is the medical property of the olive oil that provides anti-inflammatory protection to our body so a more spicy olive oil is not only any indication of top quality but also an indication of the high medical values of it. We need a lot of natural anti-inflammatory action to fight inflammation in our body!

Be careful not to confuse the burning sensation in the lower part of the throat. A burning in the lower part of the throat is an indication of a defect called rancid (old and poorly preserved Olive Oil).

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