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Baked White Butter Beans in tomato sauce


Yummy Organic white butter beans in Gaea organic tomato sauce, with healthy yet full of flavour raw Gaea organic extra virgin olive oil!

Olive Oil Watermelon Pie


Delicious olive oil watermelon pie with yoghurt, from the island of Milos, the most anticipated summer fruit of Greece, made in many ways, even dessert!

Orange-flavoured Bitter Chocolate Mousse with GAEA Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An indulgence hard to resist. Rich chocolate orange-flavoured mousse made of GAEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Potato Chips Made in the Oven

Potato chips cooked in the oven? Yes, please! Crispy golden potatoes roasted in the oven with GAEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil and smoked paprika. One bite, and nothing else will ever taste the same again!

Fish on Bakery Paper with GAEA Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When the fish is cooked in bakery paper with only a few other ingredients and the GAEA SPARTA Extra Virgin Olive Oil with its mature and fruity taste, it creates an extraordinary flavor that will evoke all of your senses!

Hummus with Pine Nuts, Marjoram and GAEA Fresh
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Try to grill garlic and flavor with marjoram and pine nuts… the taste will pleasantly surprise you!
The Gaea Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as an addition to this beloved oriental starter, will refresh your palette and leave an exquisite after taste.

Salad with Fennel, Orange, Chicken and GAEA Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Did you know that salad can be a full meal?
Fresh vegetables, chicken and a fruity twist make the perfect combination for a refreshing salad.
For better results we need an aromatic extra virgin olive oil like GAEA SITIA and GAEA oxymelo, a dressing with deep roots in Ancient Greece that will elevate your taste buds!

Lemon Cake with GAEA Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There is nothing better than a freshly baked lemon cake!
In this edition the juicy lemon in combination with the fruity GAEA Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil create a delicious and fluffy cake!