Olive Oil is not a superfood


According to Bill Briwa, Chef Instructor of the Culinary Institute of America since 1996, there is a specific definition for a food product to be considered as Super Food: “Super Food can be considered a food product that has withstood the test of time without any change, that has only advantages and no disadvantages, that is versatile and can make our food nutritious and healthy!” There is no other definition that can describe better the Οlive Oil! It has withstood the test of time without any change for 4,500 years without any change. We appreciate Olive Oil the same way the Minoans in Crete were appreciating it. Nothing bad is heard about top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Instead, every day new researches see the light showing results of how the Οlive Oil can support the immune system and the health of our Organism. It can create all sorts of possible and impossible combinations with food, enhancing hidden flavors of the ingredients of the recipe. For sure it can make our food nutritious and healthy! Undoubtably, this is why it is considered the King in the Mediterranean Diet and all other ingredients revolve around it.
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