Olive oil improves with aging like wine


To put it simply, wine gets better in time while Extra Virgin Olive Oil does not! One of the 3 enemies of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is oxygen. Once the bottle is opened it must be consumed as fast as possible, within a month for a bottle of 500ml. Otherwise, the medical properties of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will start to lose their value and strength. This is why you must buy bottles, or tins, with a volume of half a liter or less. This is how the Olive Oil will always be as fresh as possible. Always close the cap firmly after usage to keep away the oxygen from getting into contact with the olive oil. The higher the bitterness ( meaning that the anti-oxidant level is higher), the more the olive oil is capable of resisting oxidation from the oxygen. The perfect place to store safely the olive oil is a cupboard away from light, heat sources and humidity.
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