Light Olive Oils are Healthier


You can find Olive Oils labeled as Light in the supermarkets in USA and UK. The same type of olive oils are labeled as Refined in supermarkets in Europe. These olive oils had initially a very high acidity level and a lot of defects making them unsuitable for human consumption and should be thrown away! Instead, companies use a strong chemical process called refinement to take away the bad smells and flavors but also the nutrients and vitamins it contained. So, they end up with an oily liquid that is transparent, colorless, flavorless, odorless. Then they add 10% to 15% of Virgin, not even Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to have some color some flavor and some taste. The light claim that you see on the label reflects just that. That they have a low level of intensity in terms of taste and flavor but other than that the calorie load that they have is exactly the same as any other member of the fat family: olive oil, butter, vegetable oil or seed oil, margarine with 9 calories per gram. That means that all members of the cat family have the same calorie intake of 9 calories per gram but only Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the medical properties and the polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action coming from the strong spicy and bitter taste!
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