• In the beginning there was chaos … and then Gaea, the Greek Mother Earth, came in unison with the Sky and from this unison All life begun. In this Greek mythological version of “Genesis”, Gaea mother Earth is the provider of everything. Gaea was named after the Greek goddess with a vision to offer all the nutritious and delicious food Nature can provide using recipes and products that come with a history of thousands of years ago based on the footsteps of the ancient Greeks.


  • In Gaea, we are very sensitive with how we treat the resources of Nature. Especially when these resources are scarce. For us in Gaea, sustainability is not a fancy trend. All the procedures we follow have this in mind to give back the love that Nature is offering so generous to us.
    To ensure sustainability:
  • 1. We are constantly reducing our carbon footprint.
  • 2. We monitor our water footprint.
  • 3. We ensure bee happiness fighting the olive fly with environmentally friendly ways.
  • My Climate


  • The Mediterranean diet is based on the ancient Cretan diet where Olive Oil was the pillar. Every other food was revolving around it. The list was simple and contained everything nature could provide. The diet had much less meat, compared to today’s western type of diet and instead had more fish. It also had a lot of vegetables that were consumed raw or cooked and a big variety of fruits. It had a lot of greens, and all types of legumes like beans and lentils. So even though that diet had a lot of fat from Olive Oil (the healthiest fat you can consume) it had a calorie intake that in total had less calories and was more nutritious and healthier by far. In addition, Med diet is the best diet to lose weight and more important to maintain the lost weight.


This superb Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sustainable, carbon neutral. respecting the environment, reducing our footprint on the planet numbered bottles fully traceable to the source