All Olive Oils are being born equal


Certainly not! And in Gaea we had to prove that, so we co-funded the first human trial that was conducted in 2015 in the University of California UC Davis*. During this trial 3 top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Greece, Spain and California, and ibuprofen were tested. The goal of this research was to confirm which of the three olive oils, or the medicine performed better in keeping the arteries clean and to prevent blood clot. Four groups of young men were consuming 40ml per day of raw olive oil and the medicine and 2 hours later blood tests were conducted to measure which of the 4 intakes was better in keeping the arteries clean. The groups rotated and tried all the four possible combinations and 3 months later the result of this research was that the best olive oil, even from the medicine, to keep the arteries clean was the Greek olive oil (Gaea Fresh)! This is because of the polyphenol called oleocanthal (burning sensation in the upper part of the throat). Oleocanthal, has strong anti-inflammatory action and as we know, LDL (the bad cholesterol) rests upon inflammations found in the arteries and then it accumulates creating the blood clot. HDL (good cholesterol) tries to sweep away the bad cholesterol keeping the arteries clean. If people follow The Mediterranean diet and consume olive oil with high anti-inflammatory action then inflammations in the artery will appear in a less extent and will result in less LDL being accumulated. This keeps away heart diseases as the flow of blood is done freely through cleaner arteries.
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