Greek Mediterranean Diet

The Greek Mediterranean menu is a life-long recipe for longevity, good health and beauty.

The ancient Greek cuisine was characterized by its simplicity, with the Mediterranean trilogy of olive oil, wine and wheat at its core.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most important ingredient in Greek cuisine. This is just as true today as it was thousands of years ago.

Widely researched over the years

The Mediterranean diet—the Greek diet, in particular—has been widely researched over the years. And, time and again, the conclusion is the same: this diet is ideal for people with diabetes type B, protects from cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer, improves intestinal functions, protects the skin from ageing and contributes to a higher life expectancy.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet improves brain activity. Specifically, people who consume large quantities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil have better mental and cognitive functioning.

Another recent study found that the Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of uterine cancer.

Basic Elements of the Greek Mediterranean Diet

  • Liberal consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, potatoes and cereals.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the basic fat. (replacing all other fats such as butter and margarine)
  • Daily consumption of small quantities of dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.
  • Weekly consumption of poultry and fish 
  • Red meat only a few times per month.