UC DAVIS clinical study & the effects of Greek high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The clinical study that was financed by GAEA, was performed by the University of California Davis Dept. of Nutrition and the United States Department of Agriculture  Human Nutrition Research Center. This study is the first human trial in the world to show a potential cardioprotective activity for high quality extra virgin olive oil rich in oleocanthal through the inhibition of blood clot formation ie reducing the risk of myocardial infarction & stoke. PDF

Antiparos initiative / Re-Inspire Greece

We have assisted 40 college graduates with the implementation of their plans to set up innovative agricultural businesses in their hometowns.

Vranas, Olive Press Museum on the island of Lesvos

We have dedicated a percentage of our proceeds from our olive oil sales to ensure that this example of the island’s industrial history is properly maintained.