GAEA's Approach To Innovation

Committed to innovation in order to “make life a little bit better and a little bit easier”

GAEA’s approach to innovation:

  • Follow the need
  • Listen / open up
  • Persistence without compromise
  • Keep it entrepreneurial
  • Create value

At the same time, anticipate and lead the way, shape the needs of your consumer and introduce him/her to new experiences.

Gaea is committed to generating ideas and applying new skills in order to create products, processes and services that improve economic and social prosperity, in a manner that enhances sustainability and protects the environment. Gaea invests heavily in research and is a leader when in innovation and New Product Development.

GAEA believes that the application of best practices across local and regional societies, combined with original research, analysis, education and training, leads to products of the highest quality, across all fields of the company’s interest.

Gaea’s Olives in Protected Atmosphere Packs

The basic idea behind this packaging is to transform the use of olives by turning an appetizer or recipe ingredient into a healthy snack. The absence of liquids in the Protected Atmosphere pack ensures that everyone can introduce olives into their lifestyle and enjoy them everywhere, at any time.

After 2 1/2 years of research conducted in cooperation with the National Technical University, GAEA developed the first protective atmosphere olive pack in the world. That is, the olives are packed in an atmosphere controlled package without any liquids —a 100% natural product without preservatives or additives and with the lowest salt content in the world (3%).

According to a research by ETAT, GAEA’s olives in protective atmosphere pack have high nutritional value and are rich in fibres and antioxidants since they have undergone neither pasteurization nor thermal treatment during their production. The packaging—which was also subject to research—is composed of a special, airtight material, which prevents the entry of oxygen and allows for a 12-month shelf life.

GAEA's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • A top technological achievement in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Category.
  • Due to advanced technology, it retains the freshness of olives that have been harvested early.
  • The innovation lies in the fact that nitrogen is induced in all GAEA Fresh olive oil tanks—as well as in every bottle—helping to retain its freshness, aroma and taste. 

GAEA Oxymelo: the Balsamic of the Greeks - Retro innovation

In several ancient Greek texts, Oxymelo—a syrupy liquid of honey and vinegar—is referred to as one of the condiments used in ancient Greek cuisine.

GAEA Oxymelo is made of barrel-aged vinegar and thyme honey, according to the ancient Greek Recipe.