The ESTATE collection was born out of GAEA’s desire to honour the great Greek heritage in olive cultivation and to offer the absolute best in quality and taste.

The Extra Virgin olive oils in the estate collection feature special characteristics of colour, fruitiness and structure, accentuating the temperament of the crop’s variety. The olives are exclusively grown in small quantities, at a particular estate. 

With a specific number of bottles available each year, these exquisite Extra Virgin olive oils represent the finest quality available in gourmet markets.

Kritsa Estate

The Kritsa Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is single-varietal, produced from the Koroneiki variety of olives, in one of Crete’s oldest olive groves.

The koroneiki variety is considered as one of the most famous varieties in the world.

The area’s microclimate, combined with a centuries-old tradition in olive cultivation, create one of the most balanced Extra Virgin olive oils.


Vranas Estate

The Vranas Estate single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the “Agrielia” (wild olive) variety, which is indigenous to the area of the northeast Aegean Sea and is one of the most-sought after cultivars on the island of Lesvos.